Montag, 22. Februar 2010

Avoid the 21 mm f/4 Voigtlaender on the M9

stirring clouds, originally uploaded by topfloor.

As Ken Rockwell wrote, I can now confirm that the Color Skopar 21 mm lens, made by Voigtländer and sold for around 350 Euros in Germany should be avoided on the Leica M9 because of heavy vignetting and some color fringing. Although this picture was taken with this camera / lens combo, the vignette was corrected in post and color fringing irrelevant because of the desaturation.

Happy shooting, Carsten

Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2010

Low Down is fun

Spaceship III - gangway, originally uploaded by topfloor.

My picture Spaceship III - gangway is a typical example for the low down syndrome ;-)

Trying to capture unusual persectives to make an attractive subject more eye catching, the low down thing is a common try for me.

I can recommend a visit to the Klimahaus in Bremerhaven where the shot was taken.

Happy shooting,

Samstag, 6. Februar 2010

Hopper's Hands at Golden Gate

This is my fav perspectve at Fort Point near Golden Gate bridge. The two hands are at the end of a runners trail (with a little version for the dogs below).
Have a nice day!