Sonntag, 30. Januar 2011

Special Situations - special film: Fuji Provia 400X

top of the rock II, originally uploaded by topfloor.

The Fuji Provia 400X is a color reversal film with a unique feature - it can be pushed 2 stops and delivers unique color characteristics with a cinema look when used after dark.

Tokyo, here I come... - Praktica Hanimex 66 with Carl Zeiss Jena Biometar 80mm f2.8 on Provia 100F

On the Fuji page, you can read . . .

. . . delivers the same vivid color reproduction and regulated gray balance as ISO 100 film. Excellent results in push-/pull processing for a wide range of exposures, from -1/2 (E.I.280) to +2 (E.I.1600) stops, and even up to +3 depending on the scene.

This shot from the Rockefeller center (Top of the Rock) is SOOC and shows some of it's potential. I exposed some more rolls at ISO 1600 for streetshots after sunset and look forward to see more results.

Some more fine examples of the great use of the Fuji Provia 400X film is shown by flickr user Dove Vadar aka Francis Tan like these ones . . .

3 impressions part 3: bokeh transcend


All photos used in this blog post (besides the one of the view from the Rockefeller Center) were made by Dove Vadar (Francis Tan), he has the full Copyright.

The film is not cheap (6 Dollar for 120, 10 Dollar for a 135 film), also processing is more expensive than the C41 process. Still, the color characteristics are unique.

It's really special to discover the various film types and their use for my style of photography.

Have fun and discover your views of Gotham city icons!

on Steichen's suit - the Flatiron building

white park, originally uploaded by topfloor.

As flickr user Scottoo remarked, my try of a winter shot of the Flatiron building was inspired by Steichen. I had the privilege to see an original print of this picture

Steichen, Flat Iron Building (New York City), 1905

at a Steichen exhibit at South Sea Port / NYC in Oct. 2010 and was moved by the strength and simplicity of this picture.

It inspired me to return to the Flatiron three months later and do this winter shot of the Flatiron myself.

Have fun and enjoy your views of the icons of Gotham city!

Samstag, 22. Januar 2011

Medium Format Examples

food service, originally uploaded by topfloor.

A little while ago I blogged about doing travel- and streetphotography with a foldable medium format camera.

I tried another approach while I am in New York on a business trip with a Hasselblad (waistlevel finder) medium format SLR.

This photo is an example what can be done with a 'slow' camera (manual focus, manual metering) such as the rented 503CX Hasselblad with the 80 mm CFE lens (a normal lens for medium format).

Finding the spot (background etc.) and waiting for the action proved to be one of the successful ways to make this work.

If you care about some more examples of this kind of pics, have a look at my flickr stream (places i've been - Manhattan flickr set).

Have fun,

Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2011

Hassi ready for Gotham City

Hassi ready for Gotham City, originally uploaded by topfloor.

A first time for me - shooting a medium format Hasselblad with waistlevel finder. And big luck to be able shot shoot it in Manhattan while here on a business trip. The camera is a 503cw, rented from Adorama Rental Company ARC in midtwon. I use it with A12 backs (3) and a 80 mm CFE lens, which is roughly the same as a 50 mm lens in 35 mm format.

The picture is left - right reversed, which takes some time to get used to (I turn the cam to the wrong side when recomposing). Shooting low downs is a breeze with this kind of finder. Metering is done with a separate lightmeter (Gossen digisix). Cool feature - the digisix gives you the Exposure Values as well. These are also on the 80 mm lens, so I can find the appropriate shitterspeed / aperture combos quickly :-)

Loading film in the A12 magaqzines is easy - once you know which mistakes to avoid. A youtube video (just search for loading film Hasselblad) helped a lot.

Put 5 rolls of film through (Kodak new Portra 400 and TRIX 400) the camera today while walking the Intrepid / Times Square / Flatiron and SoHo, will collect the developed and scanned film from Luster tomorrow evening.

Shooting a larger medium format camera like this is asthonishingly easy, handling etc. seemd quite easy for a beginner.

Have fun,

Mittwoch, 12. Januar 2011

Unbelievable - blogging in 30.000 feet

FRA, originally uploaded by topfloor.

I am just traveling from Frankfurt to New York in a Lufthansa Airbus. Lufthansa is offering WiFi for free, so I can. Surf the Net, write a few Mails and Write this blogpost. A first time for me, I was analog bevor, just reading books and magazines on flighttime. I enjoy the freedom to roam, and wanted to share my anxiety for my NY trip.
This trip is for business purpose, but in spare time I'll shoot some Rolls of film. My M7 and some medium format gear look forward to be put to use. May the analog power be with me :-)
Have fun.