Sonntag, 30. Januar 2011

Special Situations - special film: Fuji Provia 400X

top of the rock II, originally uploaded by topfloor.

The Fuji Provia 400X is a color reversal film with a unique feature - it can be pushed 2 stops and delivers unique color characteristics with a cinema look when used after dark.

Tokyo, here I come... - Praktica Hanimex 66 with Carl Zeiss Jena Biometar 80mm f2.8 on Provia 100F

On the Fuji page, you can read . . .

. . . delivers the same vivid color reproduction and regulated gray balance as ISO 100 film. Excellent results in push-/pull processing for a wide range of exposures, from -1/2 (E.I.280) to +2 (E.I.1600) stops, and even up to +3 depending on the scene.

This shot from the Rockefeller center (Top of the Rock) is SOOC and shows some of it's potential. I exposed some more rolls at ISO 1600 for streetshots after sunset and look forward to see more results.

Some more fine examples of the great use of the Fuji Provia 400X film is shown by flickr user Dove Vadar aka Francis Tan like these ones . . .

3 impressions part 3: bokeh transcend


All photos used in this blog post (besides the one of the view from the Rockefeller Center) were made by Dove Vadar (Francis Tan), he has the full Copyright.

The film is not cheap (6 Dollar for 120, 10 Dollar for a 135 film), also processing is more expensive than the C41 process. Still, the color characteristics are unique.

It's really special to discover the various film types and their use for my style of photography.

Have fun and discover your views of Gotham city icons!

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