Mittwoch, 29. September 2010

Polaroid infected

View of my hotel bed, originally uploaded by topfloor.

Today I visited the Impossible Project Gallery and Store on Broadway / Manhattan. The pictures they show are astonishing, they blow them up to an incredible size.

They have refurbished vintage Polaroid cameras for sale, a silver SX70 fell into my hands, together with some packs of PX100 bw and Milk4th color film. Looking forward to polaroid around in New York the coming days :-)

Happy shooting, Carsten

Featured by Torontoist

LEVI's umbrella, originally uploaded by topfloor.

This bokeh hunt shot I made in Toronto during heavy rain made it as the Photoist selction of the group - thx to the adminds for that!

Have a look at the Torontoist website here

Sonntag, 26. September 2010

in Toronto now

Toronto Sky II, originally uploaded by topfloor.

fine City, good weather, fun on the streets . . .

I have been in the city of Toronto / Canada for three days now. Thanks to some nice contacts, I could explore the streets with other cool shooters and get to know a little bit of this town. Very enjoyable so far.

And I learned a few new little tricks in LR3 which is always a pleasure :-)

My new NEX5 behaves well and works with my Leica lenses thanks to the Voigtlaender adapter.

Happy shooting,