Mittwoch, 8. April 2009

Welcome to the castle - 15 mm Super Wide Heliar Lens

Welcome to the castle, originally uploaded by topfloor.

I still am astonished to see that a 15 mm lens with a max. aperture of 4.5 is able to creae a DoF - effect like in this picture - wow. This is not only a 'Point and Shoot' lens but it can be a creative tool as well. A successor to the current model (screw mount without rangefinder connection) is coming in May 2009 for about a 30 % higher price tag, with amin. distance of 50 cm instead of 30 cm and with the ability to accept filters (IR for M8). Ken Rockwell and Stee Huff ( ) have posted decent reviews of this Voigtländer bargain lens.

Have fun!

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